Stuff to Know About Me

I think about stuff, because my life is kind of random, just like everyone else. I’m also a researcher and analyst, so I spend time thinking about interesting, weird, and current stuff and attempt to apply my own brand of rational realism. For example, what if we actually had teleportation? What would happen to the airline industry and all those employed in travel services? What if the BIG ONE actually happened? Would we continue on as normal in unaffected areas? Stuff like that.

I’m an optimist, though, and I think humans are a decent lot on the whole, so my conclusions are, more often than not, progressive. However, I am baffled by stupidity. I’m certain I’m not the only one. And I’m fairly impatient with stupid/crazy stuff that happens, so I try to carve a path through the stupid/crazy and suggest how stupid/crazy stuff could’ve been better done. Lessons learned, positive thinking.

Historically, I have progressive tendencies. I accept all rational opinion, and expect reasonable, respectful debate, and I am open to changing my view if shown a different path that makes sense. I believe in second chances, imperfection and the desire to always be better. My biggest wish is for an election where the norm is debate that acknowledges shared values and then talks about issues and solutions without character assassination. Basically, I’m a wonk – if you have something reasonable to add to a conversation, I want to hear it and I am not concerned with what you are. I will assume that if you are over the age of 18, you are an adult who understands conflict of interest and takes that into account and corrects for it before jumping in. I’m looking for solutions that we can all live with, if not be super-ecstatic with. Life is compromise, and to progress, I believe we must be willing to engage, listen, understand, debate, and resolve.

A quick note on moderation policy: Obviously, I’m a political person by nature, so I like conversations and other people. I will accept all comments, and post all, unless it is obvious that the commenter is not transparent, e.g. by using an obviously fake e-mail address to post. If there is suspicion, I will e-mail the commenter to confirm their e-mail address prior to approving the comment. Otherwise, obvious trolling and personal attacks will not be tolerated as I am committed to enforcing respectful debate. I will also check the “spam” folder for false positives regularly. Thanks in advance for your help in maintaining an open and respectful space.


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