Oil Spills. Also, Canned Gas.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff today. Serious, environmental issues.

Oh, hang on. I just need to switch into HTML mode so I can post some multi-media all up in here. Booya!

Alright. So, there’s been a big oil spill. It’s close to the mouth of the Mississippi River in Louisiana. Seriously, can this State not catch a break? “Heckuva job, Brownie” is what comes to mind. /rolleyes.

Anyway, when I first read the news yesterday, the oil company, BP, tried to say it was smaller than it actually turned out to be. This surprises me. You wouldn’t think it would, because, you know, it’s an oil companies and mostly they’re big liars who tell big lies. But, it’s BP. I like BP. I met one of their VPs for BP Canada a few years ago, and he was top drawer. Also, he had a British accent. Anyway, BP is, after all, an oil company, but they’ve put a great big pile of money into alternative energy research, specifically at UC-Berkeley. So BP is collaborating with a bunch of hippies at a school upon whose example my own alma mater was designed. (Aside: the weather in suburban Toronto is WAY different from the weather at Berkeley. Baffling architecture. Anyway.) That’s nice. But then, oil spill. And BP, socially responsible corporate citizen, tried to say it wasn’t as big as it turned out to be. So now, Louisiana is in a state of emergency and having to take federal disaster money (disaster!), which is ironical because the Governor of Louisiana hates federal money and usually won’t take it even though it would help alleviate some of his State’s economic problems. But I digress.

The issue is that a deep water well pretty much exploded. We all know that oil and water do not, uh, mix. So they’re trying to burn the oil. In the water. I feel like that shouldn’t work, but apparently they’re burning 500-1000 barrels worth of crude each day. Remember the Exxon Valdez? It cost billions of dollars to clean up, and there was a huge legal settlement. And it took eons for Exxon to get their reputation anywhere near normal and you know what, I still think of that spill when I hear “Exxon”. Whenever I drive by an Exxon station in the US, I flip ’em the bird. You know, for all the birds they killed.

THIS gives me an excellent opportunity to post what I think is the most fantastic commercial on the television, an ad for Dawn dish soap and how the people who do these things use Dawn soap to clean animals caught in oil spills – Good Work, people. You deserve a medal. I love this song so much. And the commercial makes me a little misty-eyed.

The song is called “Wash Away” by a guy called Joe Purdy and you can listen to the whole song RIGHT. HERE.

I will be keeping an eye on the BP oil spill situation. I will do that on my computer, a MacBook Pro 17″. Which is now clean because yesterday I bought some CANNED GAS. That was an awesome segue, in my opinion.

I thought I would be using Canned AIR, because admittedly, I didn’t know that that Canned Gas exists, and I’ve just found out in my research that Canned Air and Canned Gas are the same thing, so my fear in Staples yesterday was unwarranted. The one thing that was a bit baffling was why the can got so cold after I used it. I was told that it was because of thermodynamics and that’s when I tuned out and started wanting to talk about oil spills and my love for Josh & Chuck on the Stuff You Should Know podcast. I can’t work without listening to these guys anymore. You should try them out and learn neato stuff. I’m going to suggest on their blogs that they talk about oil spills.

Oil and Gas all in one post. Woot.


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